Choir Management

The purpose of the Savonlinna Choir Association is to maintain and develop choir singing among its members. The association organizes singing rehearsals, performances and other activities for its members. The Association is managed by the Board of Directors, which is elected annually at the Annual Meeting.

Board members 2020

Piia Karjalainen, chairwoman
Vesa Konttinen, vice chairman
Raisa Tiilikainen, secretary
Taimi Lehtilä, treasurer

Sari Hujanen, member
Antti Nuolivaara, member
Paavo Koponen, member
Helena Rasimus, member
Petri Järvisalo, member


Sari Hujanen, soprano
Arja Immonen, alto
Paavo Koponen, tenor and bass

Other staff

Ritva Luomaluhta, costumier

The board nominates other committees when necessary.