Choir activities

Choir activities

The exercises are held once a week. If necessary, men and women have their own stem exercises. There can be  occasional weekend exercises.

The repertoire and the rehearsals are designed to be suitably challenging so that the vocal skills develop.

Helpful note reading skills are an asset in choral activities. Being able to sing other than melody is a prerequisite for choral singing. The choir must be able to sing its own stem purely without accompaniment.

In addition to studying the repertoire, the exercise also emphasizes uniform sound formation. The singer must be ready to learn his / her phrases at home as well; The singer should be prepared to memorize some parts of the repertoire.

Together, the basic premise of singing is to emphasize live music, detailed phrasing, and a clear statement to the listener: “No boring and indifferent phrase!”

The choir’s action plan is jointly decided once a year on the basis of a proposal by the choir conductor. The choir’s programme consists of a wide variety of styles, taking into account the size and performance of the choir.


The choir performs regularly, at least once a year. Several smaller performances are also organized each year. Performing is one of the key elements of choral activity.

The singer must be prepared to follow the uniform dress code of the choir. The singer needs his own personal music stand and black music folder. The singer must be prepared to obtain the necessary musical material.

The Savonlinna Choir will charge an annual membership fee to the choir members, the proceeds of which will be used for choral activities. The Savonlinna Choir acts as Linnala Study District, which has a semester tuition fee.